Zuufadlin Zaakiru Ibn Kafidubu writes;

Sawm (fasting )


Eternal praises and thanks are due to Allah the Glorious Lord, for the gift of Sawm(fasting) to us the nation of Muhammad Mustapha just as it was a blessing to the nations before him. The peace and blessings of Allah be upon our beloved Muhammad , his household, and companions, which will endure until the Day of recompense, Amin.

Sawm(fasting) as explained clearly in an authentic narration of our Beloved Messenger ﷺ, is the fourth pillar of Islam, which in total are made up of five pillars. “Islam is been built upon five pillars; testifying that there is none to worship except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger, offering of Salat, observing Sawm (fasting) in the month of Ramadan and finally going to Hajj for the purpose of performing pilgrimage”.
One may well ask, what is the meaning of fasting?

The meaning of fasting
Fasting is one of the Islamic practices that has got such a simple and unambiguous definition. As explained by scholars of the earlier centuries; fasting means total abstinence from food and drink and as well as, inhibiting totally any coitus and sexual relationship and engagements from the appearance of the dawn light, Arabically called “Tuluu’ul Fajr” to sunset, also known Arabically as “Guruubul – Shamsi”.

Fasting is unlike other forms of worship that can be seen vividly and clearly being practiced by one. Fasting is only known by the one observing it. In most often, it can be identified and notified in compulsory circumstances such as “Ramadan fasting” since the quantum and percentage of non – observers are quite more than insignificant, hence, any Muslim seen is assumed to be observing the fasting, otherwise, the intense mark should ideally be hidden beyond notification. Allah accepts from you and us!

The light of beings peace be upon him said in an authentic narration “Fasting is a protection to the one observing it, and if anyone fights or mocks him he should say: “I am fasting”, two times. I swear by the One in Whose possession my life belongs; the smelly mouth of the one fasting is much loved to Allah than the fragrance of ‘’Misk”(a powerful perfume most common in the Middle-East); he leaves his food, drink and sexual feelings for my sake, fasting is mine and I will reward him dully. And the act of goodness is rewarded ten times its worth.” [1]

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