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3 reasons why you need to engage in the tahajjud salat


Alhamdulillah! All the Praises and Gratitude is due to Allah, the Glorious Lord for granting us the honor of being among the umma of His Beloved Prophet, endowed with the endless Blessings of Ramadan. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Beloved Prophet, his household and companions, plus all those endeavouring on the path of perpetual bliss, Amin.

The month of Ramadan is the only period of Blessing that harmonizes the Global-Islam in equal footing. I am saying this because not all Muslims get the opportunity in other periods of worship to accumulate the Blessings and Favours of Allah. Most common is the period of Hajj which also undoubtedly is filled with much Blessings but however, only part per-million among us Muslims get the opportunity to harvest it. Interestingly to here, all Muslims are put on equal footing in Ramadan, if only you observe the Sawm and engage in its qiyam (night-worship), the Blessed tongue of our Beloved Prophet is assuring you of eternal forgiveness from Allah.

The most common means we Muslims use to harvest this assured favour is the Tarawekh-Salat which is observed by more than half of the fasting population. The second is Tahajjud (superogatory salat at night) which will become the commonest activity among us Muslims from this night. It is obvious that; most people who do not even engage in the Tarawekh-Salat from the beginning of the month only need more acceleration in gathering their momentum to engage fully in the ten-nights Tahajjud-Salat in search of Lailatul-Qadr(the night of power) which is more than important if not imperative to say to any Muslim engaged in the hard work of Fasting and prayer. The unknown Lailatul-Qadr is just a single night which is more than a thousand months, hence anyone who gets to worship in that night gets the reward as though he has worshiped for thousand months. Allahu-Akbar! In our subsequent posts on Lailatul-Qadr we will show how easily one can benefit from that night.
It is an obligation on the Prophet peace be upon him to offer Tahajjud-Salat whether in Ramadan or a different month.

But for the Prophet , the obligation was for him to be granted the Maqam-Mahmuud (the Rank of gratitude) on the Day when everyone will appear before the justice of Allah Ta’ala. As in the words of the Qur’an: “and in some parts of the night(also) offer Tahajjud with it (i.e. recite the Qur’an in the prayer), as an additional prayer for you (O Muhammad ). It may be that your Lord will raise you to Maqam-Mahmud (a station of praise and glory, i.e. the Shafâ’at-Al-Kubra; the honor of intercession on the Day of Ressurrection)”. [1]

However, to the umma of him the Prophet peace be upon him, the Tahajjud is optional and quite a supererogatory ; but a Muslim would curse himself on that Day when he had the visual of those who used to offer the Tahajjud.

It is very important for one to engage in the Tahajjud-Salat which will surely begin this night in most countries and regions in Africa, Asia and America, and end likely on the 3rd day of June in the year 2019. It is among these days that the difficult to see Lailatul-Qadr will appear live and well.

Almost all Muslims engaging in the Tahajjud-Salat will have the opportunity to witness that night but more important to know, it will be in their noticing aught. Subhanallah! These very Muslims and others would be searching for it again in the coming years. Allah is the Greatest,indeed!

The Prophet of Allah peace be upon him was reported to have said:”Search thoroughly for Lailatul-Qadr in last ten nights of Ramadan. ”[2].

It was also reported from the mother of believers; Nana A’esha may Allah be pleased with her. She said: “whenever the last ten nights of Ramadan sets in, he(the Prophet) fasten his cloths,engages his nights, and wake his family up.”[3]

The good news here is that; anyone who is able to engage his last ten nights in worship, he has a greater possibility of benefiting from the Lailatul – Qadr; the night which is better than thousand months. Allah grants us understanding and make every intricate of our effort to meet His pleasure, Amin.

Allah is the Most Exalted and He Knows Best!!!

Allahumma salli alaa Muhammadin wa Alihii wa Sahbihii wa Sallim.

[1] (Suuratul-Isra’e, Qur’an, 17:79)
[2] (Sahih – Buhari, Kita – fadli – lailatil – Qadr: 2020)
[3] (Sahih – Buhari, Kitab – fadli – lailatil – Qadr: 2024)

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  1. Jazak’Allahu khairan. May Allah Ta’ala make it possible for us to witness this blissful hour and may He grant us its benefits in full. Amiiin.

    1. Aaaamin Yaa Allah,respected one! Allah makes it possible for us to witness. Jazakallahu khairan…

  2. Jazak’Allahu khairan. May Allah Ta’ala make it possible for us to witness this blissful hour and may He grant us its benefits in full. Amiiin.

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