pillars of salat in islam

Exclusive praises and thanks are due to Allah, the Most Compassionate and Merciful for guiding our hearts towards embracing Islam, the Path of complete guidance and bliss. The peace and salutations of Allah be upon our Noble Muhammad Musthapha, the unfading light of guidance who was raised by Allah from a distant horizon but still remain the unfailing means of guidance to entire humanity, his household and companions should be included and thus be extended until the day of certainty.

Respected reader! Allah be pleased with you. We are going to discuss the ‘Pillars’ of Salat. It’s undoubtedly vivid that for every firm and strong building there are pillars supporting it. Salat is not an exception in this regard, it is therefore imperative that you stay with us in order to understand the pillars of your Salat so as to make your Salat firm and accepted. It is, in fact, necessary to know these pillars because if one or more of the pillars is ignored in Salat out of negligence, forgetfulness and or otherwise by ignorance the Salat is considered nullified and unacceptable, Astagfirullah!

The Pillars of Salat

1. Standing with ableness in compulsory Salat
2.Takbeeratul al-Ihram
3.Reciting the chapter Fatiha
4.Bending (Rukuu) in every cycle
5. Rising from the bending (Rukuu)
6. Standing up-right after rising from every bending (Rukuu)
7.Prostrating (Sujuud) on seven organs (forehead. nose, two palms, two knees, and toes)
8. Sitting between the two prostrations (sitting every two Raka’ats)
9.The last Tashahhud (Reciting of Tahiya)
10. Sitting for the purpose of Tashahhud
11.Reciting the Satal al-Sharifa
12.The first Salam (Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi)
13. Standing firm and concentrating throughout the Salat
14. Sequencing the various Pillars of Salat.
These are the Pillars of Salat, that which a Salat is considered deficient and acceptable without! Allah guide our Salat, Amin

The Compulsories of Salat

Respected one! Unlike the Pillars of Salat, the compulsories of Salat are the second category of the Pillars; thus, if two or more of these compulsories are ignored in Salat out of negligence the Salat can be corrected using Sujuud of negligence, but if however one or more is ignored deliberately, the Salat is nullified and no Sujuud can abate it.
The compulsories are Eight (8) in number:

1. All the Takbeer in the Salat except the expositional Takbeer (Takbeerat al-Ihram)
2. The saying of; ‘Sami’allahu liman hamida’ by the Imam and a single person
3. The saying of; ‘Rabbana wa lakal hamdu’ by the followers (those praying behind an Imam) and a single person.
4. The saying of; ‘Subhana Rabiyal Azeem’ three times in bending position (Rukuu).
5. The saying of; ‘Subhana Rabiyal A’ala’ three times in prostrating (Sujuud)
6. The saying of; ‘Rabbi Igfirlee’ three times between the two prostrating (Sujuud), that short sitting between the (Sujuud)
7. The first Tashahhud (Reciting of Tahiya)
8. Sitting for the final Tashahhud (Reciting of Tahiya)

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  1. Very nice

  2. Allah bless your effort. Thanks very much for that religious education. We Wish that,you distinguish between the compulsory and optional part of these pillars of Islam.

    1. Masha’Allah alaik,Brother!
      The pillars of Salat,Arabically called the ‘Arkan’ of Salat are the main activities that makes a Salat bears its name,henceforth, without them there is no Salat. Also,if any one or more of the fourteen (14) mentioned ‘Pillars Of Salt’ such as saying the ‘Takbeeratul-ihram’ or ‘reciting the Chapter Fatiha’ among others, is missing in Salat out of negligence or deliberately the Salat is completely nullified and no ‘Sujuud’ can abate it.
      But for the ‘Compulsories Of Salat’ also Arabically termed as ‘Muujibaatul-Salat’ such as ‘The first Tashahhud’ among others, they are as well necessary for the completion of Salat but however, if two or more is missing in Salat out of negligence or forgetfulness the Salat can be corrected using ‘Sujuudul-sahwi’ which is commonly known as ‘Qabli’ and ‘Ba’adi’. But here also,if any of the ‘Compulsories’ is ignored in Salat deliberately or consciously the Salat is also completely nullified.
      Allah grants us understanding.


  3. Allah bless your effort. Thanks very much for that religious education. We Wish that,you distinguish between the compulsory and optional part of these pillars of salat.

  4. May Allah forgive us all and bless your effort towards the development of Islam.

    1. Masha’Allah alaiki,Respected Sister!
      Allah grants you more blessings and understanding.

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