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perfecting your fasting






Exclusive praises, thanks and appreciations are due to Allah for granting us the honour of being among the Umma of Muhammad
, endowed with the endless blessings of fasting. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Beloved Muhammad Mustapha , his family and companions, may it sustained until the day when the eyes will stare in horror, Amin.


The exclusive gift of the world, said: “I swear by the one in Whose possession my life belongs to; the smelling mouth scent of a person observing fast is more pleased to Allah than the fragrant of Misk (a powerful perfume must common in the middle east), he rejects his food, drink and sexual feelings for my sake, indeed! Fasting is mine and I will recompense it dully. An act of goodness is rewarded ten times its worth”.[1]


In the will of Allah, today is the fourth day of Ramadan. The sensible ones among us are those who are willing to have their fasting accepted and the ones who are yearning to use this Blessed Month to draw much closeness to Allah with lots of goodness and perfection in faith, and as well distancing themselves from religious misconduct and disobeying Allah. That is in fact, the strong rational behind the obligation of Sawm (fasting) and not the unanimous distancing from food, drink and sexual affections only. The effect of fasting is so huge to be wasted unblinkingly. And, our beloved Prophet gave a strong warning on that,where he said: “many of those who fast, do not get any benefit from their fasting except hunger and thirst”; [2] since they have not fully understood the rational behind the obligation of Sawm, that which Allah has made it mandatory, obligatory and or otherwise compulsory on his servants, for Allah has said: “O you who believe! Observing As-Sawm (the fasting) is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you, that you may become Al-Muttaqun (the pious)”.[3]


Respected one! Allah in His Divine Contrivance did not impose this obligation on us for the purpose of making life uncomfortable for us, or pulling us to shreds. However, there are many among Muslims who have considered this month as though not suitable period to draw close to Allah with abundant font of Zikir (remembrance of Allah), night worship and so on but rather embrace feasts, laziness and increasing rapidly in the disobedience of Allah.


Unfortunately, the answer is still blowing in the air; “when are we going to embrace change in our lives?” And, “when are we going to reach the apex of exclusive Sawm (fast), which is nothing either than distancing ourselves from disobeying of Allah and adventuring into guiding the heart and soul?”. In fact, “when are we going to reach the extend of ending the month of Ramadan and be convicted with ourselves because we are successful?”.


Masha’Allah! In that respect, it is very important to hold tight to the different ranks of fasting that which the scholar Al-Imam Al-Ghazzali,may Allah be pleased with him had prescribed, and these are;

  1. Fasting of all
  2. Fasting of the exclusives
  3. Fasting of the exclusives among the exclusives



  • As for the “fasting of all”; that is in line with the usual distancing from food, drink and sexual feelings and any form of coitus and sexual relationship.
  • And for the “fasting of the exclusives”; that is also to distance the vision, tongue, hands, legs, hearing and all body parts from disobeying Allah after attaining perfection in the fasting of all.
  • And finally, the “fasting of the exclusive among the exclusives”; that is the apex, the extreme rank of fasting which is extremely difficult to attain as its name shows; distancing the heart from uncalled aspirations and emotions that are capable of distancing one from Allah, and rejecting anything that is not Allah, after attaining perfection in the first two ranks.


Respected reader! From this point, we get to appreciate that when a Muslim fails in conduct he wouldn’t be perfected except with the perfection of his moral upbringing, and among which is the perfection of his heart, and planting the seed of piety in his heart and soul, for piety is the main rational behind the obligation of Sawm (fast), as in the words of the Qur’an; “…that you may become Al-Muttaquun (the pious).


Allah is the Most Exalted and He knows Best!!!

Allâhumma salli alâ Muhammadin wa âlihî wa Sahbihî wa sallim.

[1] (Sahih-Bukhari 1894, Muslim: 1151)

[2] (Sahihul-Jami’e: 3488)

[3] (suuratul Baqara,Quran 2:183)

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  1. Jazak’Allahu khaira for this wonderful knowledge shared…may Allah Ta’ala accept our fast in full despite our shortcomings during this most blessed month

    1. masha’Allah alaik respected one! We are much grateful for your time. We hoped the article will make a great impact in your days of Fasting…

  2. Thanks very much for that enlightenment sheikh.May Allah ta’aala accept our ibaadah in this blessed month

    1. Aaaamin Yaa Allah,Brother! We’re so grateful for your time.Allah grants you more understanding and make your life a blessed one,Aamin!

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