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lessons on ikhlas


Alhamdulillah! Exclusive praises and thanks are due to Allah Ta’ala, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, the Giver and Preserver of life, we seek for His guidance in all endeavor. May the peace and blessings of He Allah be upon our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, his Noble household and Companions which will endure until the Day when everyone will appear before the Justice of Allah, Amin.

The eleventh day of Ramadan brings us another education which is quite a pinnacle of hope in Allah’s Mercies and the acceptance of our worship. This is the month to seek for apparent and abundant Blessings, Favors and Forgiveness from Allah Ta’ala. I seek for myself and your acceptance of Fasting and savior from the torment of the Hell-Fire, Amin.

Respect one! Our lesson for today is centered on Ikhlas (sincerity). We have spent one-third of the days of Ramadan this year. There is no denying the fact that every Muslim indulging into the hard-work of Fasting and all act of goodness in this period and beyond has quite undisputed priorities; to have his Fasting accepted and harvest a large amount of benefit, be saved from the torment of the Blazing Fire and finally, be admitted into the Gardens of Jannah (Paradise). However, our aspirations, desires and pleasant anticipations would be on us a big-time disappointment without one thing; i.e. Ikhlas (sincerity).

One may well ask, what is Ikhlas (sincerity)? Ikhlas is an Arabic word which literally means perfection in one direction, and in religion (Islam) is turning to Allah in worship and doing away with anything that is not Him (Allah). Simply put; worshiping Allah and seeking for recompense only from Him, Allah Subhanahuu wa Ta’ala. As in the words of the Qur’an: “say (O Muhammad ) my Lord has commanded justice and that you should face Him Only in every place of worship, in prayers, and invoke Him Only making your religion sincere to him. As He brought you (into existence) in the beginning, so shall you be returned.”[1].

This month is a month of Blessings and Mercies backed by a protracted period of goodness and generosity. Do not spend your time, energy and wealth on anything you wouldn’t benefit from before Allah. I am saying this because we Muslims spend many resources of our possession in kind and goodness in this Blessed Month, it will sound so much flabbergasting if not astonishing to say; many will anticipate benefiting from their righteousness in their afterlife, but ironically, the larger would avail that naught. Subhanallah! Without sincerity, our goodness becomes woe on us. May Allah guide our hearts and grant us sincerity, Amin.

Allah grants us goodness. If we are so blessed to have known these facts about sincerity, there is all need to show much of it in our fasting, prayers, and other aspects of worship. We should observe our Fasting with one and only motive; i.e. to attain the pleasure of Allah and seek for our reward only form Him Subhanahuu wa Ta’ala, that is the true perfection of our Fasting and religion.

Respected one! It is good to as well be acquainted with the saying of our Beloved Prophet , he said: on the Day of Judgment, many would be brought before Allah with their records of abundant deeds, the likes of; Sawm, Salat, night worship and so on, but to their disappointment, Allah will command His Angles to take them to Hell. Out of frustration, they will begin to cry out loud and seeking for justice, then Allah will tell them: go to Hell because you did all that you did seeking for praises from people and gaining worldly pleasures which you’ve had. So today, expect nothing from Me since you have had all that you deserved in the world, then Allah will command finally and they will be taken to the Hell-Fire. Allah have Mercy on us, Amin.

Finally, Ikhlas (Sincerity) should not be applied only in this month but rather it should pervade our entire life and worship. Allah grants us sincerity in worship, helps us guide our hearts and souls and gives us strong resistance in dishonoring the Shaytan, Amin.

Allah is the Most Exalted and He Knows Best!!!

Allahumma salli alaa Muhammadin wa Alihii wa Sahbihii wa Sallim.

[1] (Suuratul-A’araf, Qur’an 7:29)

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  1. Maa shaa Allah. May Allah throw His divine support behind you

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    1. masha’Allah Amin. Allah bless!

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  3. May Allah Ta’ala reward you in full for this knowledge shared,accept our fasting and reunite us all in Jannah 🙏

    1. Aaaamin Yaa Allah,Respected one! Allah grants you as well ease and understanding. Jazakallahu khairan…

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