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‘Knowislamnow’ is a website created and managed under the mission of the organization ‘Know Islam Foundation’ (KIF) A non-profit organization created solely to provide solutions for humanity. The website seeks to fulfill the following aims and missions:


  • To convey the pearls of Islamic knowledge to Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Muslims are given education and enlightenment on issues of everyday concern on the perfection of faith and moral virtues. The non-Muslims are however educated on the basics and fundamentals of Islam, and more importantly, clearing misconceptions about the religion of Allah; which is the path of perpetual bliss.


  • To spread the pearls of peace, righteousness and piety among individuals, co-operate groups, families and the local and or global community at large through the sharing of acquired Islamic knowledge, values, practices and providing an avenue for Islamic education and Judicious discourse.


  •  To communicate the impact of Islam in changing the lives of humanity to live in peace; both inwardly and outwardly, to have a strong and firm conviction in both worlds through constant delivering of the message of Islam.


  • Knowislamnow is much concerned in providing a solid foundation and appropriate strategies to explain to the larger world what Islam entails by developing a rather curious mind to find out more every hour and day. In that, Knowislamnow is designed to give the necessary guide and manual to new convert Muslims and as well as Muslims of long-serving.


  • Knowislamnow also tackles special counseling services on key issues including Islamic marriage life, social responsibilities of both Muslim men and women, responsible work ethics, leadership roles etc.


Finally! May Allah grant us understanding, carry our message beyond imagination and make every intricate of our effort to meet the Divine pleasure, Amin.



What we do


Tips from the Lives of the Prophets and how to inculcate them in guiding the lives of humanity.


We help to solve issues and support the local and extended community.


We help you know the purpose of the creation of mankind and the gifts of Nature. We also help you to understand that; religion does not imprison our minds, it's there to help us know our purpose of creation. Please, strive hard to make tomorrow a better day!


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