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All praises and gratitude are due to Allah; our Glorious Lord for granting us the favor of Lailat-Al-Qadr(the Night of Power); a night which is better than thousand months. May the peace and blessings of He Allah be upon our Beloved Muhammad, his household and companions,and all those endeavouring on the Path of perpetual bliss until the Day of Certainty, Amin.

The call for attaining Lailat-Al-Qadr has been an everyday call since the very day Ramadan sets in. The greatest worry among us Muslims has as well been the case; when exactly is this Night of Qadr? Many have resorted to the Prophetic Tradition by engaging all the last the Nights of Ramadan deeply in search of Lailat-Al-Qadr and a few have also taken a dogmatic stand in searching for the Night among the odd Nights of the last ten Nights. Interestingly,the one who has got it right is the one who engages all the ten Nights. From the Blessed Tongue of our Mother A’esha: “whenever the last ten nights of Ramadan sets in;the Prophet ﷺ will fasten his clothes, engages his nights(in worship), and wakes his family up.” [1]

The common aim pervading worship in the last ten Nights is attaining Lailat-Al-Qadr while fully engaged in the service of Allah. The eloquent example is given in this scenario; if ten keys are placed on a table, and just a single key among the lot is the key to a room filled with pieces of Gold, while you are asked to pick the key to that room would you take the chance of selecting just one key with no Certainty, or you will take all the keys with much conviction? Certainly, you will take all the keys in order to do away with unrealistic hypothesis.

Such are the last ten nights of Ramadan, do not take the chance of missing this Night just as you wouldn’t take the chance of selecting only one key that probably might not be the key leading to the Goldy densed room. Reported by Ubadat Ibn Swamit may Allah be pleased with him, he said: ” the Prophet ﷺ one came out to inform us about the exact Day of Lailat-Al-Qadr and two persons among us Muslims misconducted themselves, and he said: “I came out to inform you the exact Day of Lailat-Al-Qadr but two people misconducted and they took the knowledge from me; but I hoped it is the best for you. Hence you can attain it in either 29th, 27th or 25th Night.” [2] Allah grants us the blessings of the Night!

Unblinkingly, we mostly misconceive our qiyam-Al-Lail (night engagement in worship) in search of Lailat-Al-Qadr as though unanimously inline with performing Tahajjud-Salat only. There are so many ways by which we can get the Night and grasp the blessings in it.

If we consider only the Tahajjud as our means of attaining Lailat-Al-Qadr , what credit then is left for the weak ones and those lying in their sick beds for quite a long time now? Some of them can’t even remember the last time they went to the Masjid for obligatory Salat which does not last for even half an hour. What then do we expect they will get? Subhanallah!

These are a number of means by which we can attain the blessings of Lailat-Al-Qadr :

1. If you are capable, participate in Tahajjud-Salat throughout the last ten Nights of Ramadan. When you happen to do so, you would surely meet the Night while you are engaged in the worship of Allah.

2. Offer at least ten Raka’at of nawafil (supererogatory-Salat) throughout the last ten nights before going to bed, Lailat-Al-Qadr is found in one of them.

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