Alhamdu lillahi Rabbil-Alamin! All praises are due to Allah, peace, and blessings on His Messenger, his household and companions, Amin. 

Respected one! It is not a new fact that; “necessity is the mother of invention”. As in the case of Salat, the necessities lies in the field of conditions that must be met in order that the Salat of a person is acceptable. These conditions of Salat are:

1.Islam (Kalimatul-Shahada or confession of faith): This is the first condition governing Salat. Which means, one can only offer his Salat or to admit that his Salat is accepted only when the person has accepted Islam. The person must have uttered from the mouth and believe in the heart the Monotheism of Allah and the Messenger-ship of Prophet Muhammad; or simply put: “there is none Who deserves to be worshiped except Allah and Muhammad  is the Messenger of Allah. In other words, the Salat of a Non-Muslim is considered a play and lost.

2.Sense: The second condition of Salat is Sense (Al-aql). That is to say: the Salat of a child and a mad person is not considered Salat. According to the scholars of Fiqhu (such as Imam Malik, Imam al-Shafi’e). Among the reasons why the Salat of a child and mad person is considered naught includes; the mad person and child are unable to differentiate between the Farilla (Compulsory) and Sunna (Prophetic traditions), Fatiha and Suura, Qabli from Ba’adi, the Qibla (East Direction) from other directions(North, South, and West), the time of purity and impurity, and in fact the mad and the child can’t even purify themselves completely from dirt of different kinds, their Salat is therefore not meeting the standards set by Allah and His Messenger

3.The sense of differentiation: The next condition governing or guiding the authenticity of Salat is the ability of a person to differentiate between things in life, such as urine, mud, feces and many more that affect the purity and impurity of our body, clothes and our places of worship.

4.Purity: Which includes purity of body, purity of garment and purity of place where Salat (Prayers) is to be offered. The body should be rid of Hadath, i.e. things that spoil the Ablution.

5.Time: Salat is not to be offered in our own convenience but on specific and stipulated hours and durations. It is therefore very important to consider time in performing our Salat. As in the words of the Noble Qur’an:

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  1. With this message I’ve learnt alot thank you very much Shirkh(Zzaakiru)..May Allah increase you in knowledge

    1. Masha’Allah alaik,Brother. We hoped to convey more pearls of peace and understanding to our brethren in faith.

  2. That’s the true perfect of our religion. May the almighty grant us much deeper understanding of our religion and grant us the ability to work according to how it has been prescribed to us by Allah and our Noble prophet Mohammed.

    1. Masha’Allah alaik,Brother Yunus! Allah grants you absolute submission and understanding…

    1. Masha’Allah Sister,we hoped to make more impact in your life insha’Allah!

  3. Allah bless you for the education! Please,does that means you will have to meet all these conditions before your Salat is considered valid,or others are considered minor and not too necessary?

    1. Masha’Allah alkali,Sister.
      All the nine conditions are necessary for the validity of Salat,henceforth, the absence of one condition such as “Islam”, i.e. being a Muslim, makes the remaining eight conditions meaningless, Subhanallah! However,on the aspect of ” Sense”, i.e.”Aql” is not strictly imposed on young children and teenagers or otherwise; yet to be adolescents, since the Prophet peace be upon him had asked that they should be engaged in Salat from the age of seven,which is quite clear that at age-seven their “Sense,Aql” is yet under development.

      The details of each of the “conditions Of Salat” would be discussed in subsequent articles,Insha’Allah.

      Allah Is the Most Exalted and He Knows Better!

  4. Masha Allah, May The Almighty Allah grant us the understanding of ISLAM

    1. Masha’Allah alaik,Dearest one!
      Allah grants you as well,ease and more understanding.

  5. Maasha Allah may Allah increase us in knowledge.This is a very sensitive part of our worship(ibada).Without this(perfection of Salat),no worship can save us,and without worship we are domed. Thanks very much for your effort.Your reward is with Allah.

    1. Jazakallahu khairan,Respected one!
      Allah grants us the heart to perfect our worship and receive our books on that Day with the right hand.

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