Exceptional praises and gratitude are due to Allah Ta’ala, the Beneficent King, the Creator of the Universe, Lord of the three worlds, who set up the Firmament without pillars in Its stead, and Who stretched out the Earth as though a Bed, His Mighty and Dominion is above the human mind. And grace and blessings be upon our Beloved Muhammad Musthapha, the Leader of all Prophets and Messengers, the grace and blessings should thus be extended to His Household and the long chain of Companions and Successors which will endure until the day of Certainty, Amin.

In religion and life, it’s very important we look for solutions to every challenge that comes our way. Life is a mixture of the grill, I emphasize! Which is to say: If life were smooth sailing, if we have never encountered any setbacks, life in itself would have been an avenue of stagnation.

I have always searched for wisdom, but find it more appearing during challenges. Finding solutions becomes more eminent when we are dealing with faith and worship. The Prophet of Allah peace be upon him spent his entire life in guiding the world to reach an apex of good conduct.
In this work, we are going to expand the pearls of Prophetic tradition. That is; forty (40) ways of having a fruitful and successful life, which will grant you a great glee in this world and the world to come, Insha’Allah:

Forty (40) ways of having a fruitful and successful life

1.Begin your day with Fajr Salat and Azkar (plural of Zikir i.e. remembrance of Allah) in order to accumulate your share of blessings and have a brighter day.

2.Constantly and consistently indulge in Istigfar (Repentance to Allah) until Shaythan (Satan) loses his hope to mislead you.

3.Never stop making Du’a (Supplications) because it’s the road to success.

4.Always remember that Angels are with you and are always recording your actions and statements.

5.The beauty of your fingers lies in using them to count your Tasbih (Do your Zikir).

6.Whenever you feel thwarted in a matter that had gone bad or beyond your repair, say “Laa haula wa laa quwwata illa billahi”.

7.You should buy the request of the needy and the love of orphans with your wealth.

8.A single prolonged sujuud (Prostration) which is offered for the sake of Allah, is better for you than a complete wall made of gold.

9. Always ponder over whatever utterance you are about to make because it might be the last thing you would say in this world.

10.Respected one! Fear the supplication (cry) of the oppressed and the tears of the one who has been denied.

11.Mind you! Before reading your newspapers and logging into your social media pages; why don’t you start reading your Qur’an?

12.Be a reason behind the guidance and discipline of your family or household; It is very important!

13.You should give yourself much pressure in guiding the heart and soul because the heart and soul command nothing either than disobeying the commands of Allah.

14.Take caution! Before your parents grow old or leave the scene of the earth, be vigilant to attain their pleasure (trust).

15.Mind you! Your old garments are new in the eyes of the poor and needy.

16.Do not be perturbed, the life of the world is shorter than you have ever quantified it.

17.Whilst you move about freely in the world be careful because with you, is Someone stronger and sufficient than you; He is Allah; Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

18.Do not close your door of repentance because of your abundant sins.

19.Salat (Prayers) is the best of what would save you from the calamities and grappling of the world.

20.Distance yourself from bad and false accusations, you would be free and you would make others too free.

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  1. Allahammdulilah for this vital message. Thank you very much I’ve learnt a lot

  2. Masha Allah, may ALLAH increase you in knowledge. In fact I enjoyed the lecture . may He(ALLAH) continue to guide you in whatever you do. I will like to encourage everyone to read this.

    1. Masha Allah alaik, Dearest one! We thank Allah, you like the post
      Allah grants you as well, ease and more understanding

  3. Thanks alot my dear brothers in Islam I’m very much happy with this website, may Almighty Allah continue blessing us and protect amen.

  4. Masha Allah we pray to Allah to grant us the endurance to internalize these practices in our life. Grateful to the team for a good work done.

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