Zuulfadlin Zaakiru Ibn Kafidubu writes:


Alhamdulillahi! All the sincere and exclusive gratitude is due to Allah,the Glorious Lord; for granting us the honor of going through the Fasting period with faith and trust in His Path. Allah accepts our Fasting and grants us Jannah,Amin. We as well send millions of prayer and greetings to our Noble Muhammad Mustapha , the unfading light of guidance and truth, the prayer should thus encompass his household and companions, including those who strive more marvelous and wondrous on the Path of perpetual bliss until the end of time, Amin.

After going through the hardwork of Fasting and prayer for all this while, there is much to remind ourselves on some lessons we have learnt in the period,with or without our noticing aught. Alhamdulillah for the beginning, within and afterwards. There is no amount of words that could be used to convey the feelings of the apex of conduct and education we have acquired in ourselves throughout the period. Even a sincere look to ourselves; gazing at the intense with which our whole life was transformed with a greater sense of assimilation, is something to ponder about! Is it just for no reason? We will soon be looking at, Insha’Allah!

Going through the activities that were carried a least or most often in the Fasting period,tells us a lesson in life. Right from the exposition to the climax; the activities we were carrying mirrors these lessons:

1. Taqwa(consciousness of Allah); though some schools of taught see Taqwa as “the fear of Allah”, majority of those who go through the studies and in-depth of Taqwa regards it as the  “consciousness of Allah” . There’s no denying the fact that during the Fasting period, an individual is able to show much commitment simply because of the consciousness of Allah he has in heart. Most people get isolated for long hours while they were Fasting, but despite that they’re able to complete the Fasting without plunging into the flames of breaking even a single rule of it. It’s supposed to be so in our lives. Just as the way we feel so conscious of Allah within us in our Fasting period, let’s show even a double of it at the time when the Mercy of Allah is not as close as the fruits of a pregnant plant under the shade of the sun rays.

2. Steadfastness. Here comes another important education that we have gone through in the period of Ramadan Fasting. We are able to remain focus in our obligations and supererogatory adventure. The sixty Hizbs (sections) of the Noble Qur’an becomes so easy to cover within a single or three days. The Tarawekh Salat was as well a smooth adventure with even additions from the normal. Tahajjud-Salat was able to wake the weak and vulnerable ones throughout the ten Nights. That’s the same way we should show the commitment and even beyond; because the Allah we worshipped yesterday is the same we are worshiping today and will still be the same Allah even after tomorrow.

3. Love was one of the lessons of Ramadan. Muslims are able to show love and empathy for other Muslims and even non-Muslims. Iftar (breakfast) was organized in churches and some in the Mosques with Christians being the guests. Let’s continue to show that love because we need it as humans,worshipers and religious people.

4. Generosity was learnt with much alertness. This was another lesson we had from the just ended Ramadan. The provision of variety of food for Iftar was a great stand. Muslims standing before Masajid and distributing items of high quality and demand to others was well noticed. The provision of tickets to the Sacred Lands of Makkah and Madina for performing Umra(pre Hajj activities) was well commendable. Distribution of food and clothes to the Imams of Masajid could never be underestimated. Even the last adventure of giving Zakatul-Fitr to the poor and needy received much attention and passion. All these were not just for Ramadan; but to learn lessons and inculcate in our non-Ramadanic lives.

5. Qiyam-Al-Lail( night engagement in worship) which became so dear to the heart of Muslims and being honored like the only sons and daughters of Kings and Queens was a great lesson to us Muslims. Most of us Muslims who never made it a point to stand in the darkness of the night to cry to Allah became more attuned to it in Ramadan. The intense with which it got was even the last ten Nights of Ramadan which obviously was the best time to search for the blessings of Lailat-Al-Qadr, Masajid became more full in the darkness of the night than it used to be even for Fajr-Salat. It was not in anyway bad to do,but to carry the effect aftermath the Blessed period should be our greatest concern.

6. Patience in obeying Allah. We were able to show much patience in fulfilling the tasks of worship and even the Fasting itself. To spend a whole day without going close to eating or drinking and avoiding totally any coitus and or sexual relationship with your wife was such a tedious thing to do. However, we were able to endure it and care more about the perfection of our Fasting and acceptance in repentance. Let’s put this lesson in our lifetime endeavor. To guide your heart in obeying Allah is very hard but the fruits also can not be underestimated.

7. Care for the poor and needy. We are able to show much care to the poor and needy especially, when we identify a person who is observing his Fast in the nothingness of meal. Let’s not forget that some of those people spend the rest of the 11months in that same situation. Let’s look for them and make them feel they are also alive and let them understand that Allah did not hate them but it’s another way He can show His Mercy.

8. Spending time in Masajid. Our Masajid in Ramadan becomes so limited to contain our number, but to our astonishment; it’s the very number of Muslims that live in the locality. Just this morning a brother from Nigeria; Nasir Saleh wrote on his Facebook wall that just the first day of Shauwal and their area Masjid which used to be so limited to contain their number during Ramadan was just 2rows this Fajr-Salat. That’s a big worry for us. Respected ones! Let’s try and spend time in our Masajid after Ramadan like we were doing in Ramadan. We don’t know when our lives will be taken. Our later should thus be better than our former.

9. Harmony in performing our activities and appearing before Allah during Ramadan should be our hallmark even after Ramadan. Allah did created us and made us a union of contrast. However, our differences should not be the basis of our separation but a reason to understand that the Mighty of Allah is so Great to be comprehended by a common ideology.

10. Developing much love in our worship and with Allah. Out to the numerous lessons we took from Ramadan; developing more inner feeling with the Supreme Allah was what glued us to all the goodness. Anyone who shows inner love for Allah, He will show him an exposed densed love in the presence of all.

Allah grants us understand and make all our worship in Ramadan be of good to us in our Eternal Abode, Amin. 

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